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Do you accept insurance?

Beautifully Said Speech Therapy is a private pay practice. Private health insurance is not billed directly. Upon request, we will provide clients with a superbill and guidance on receiving out-of-network reimbursement. All clients will also receive a Good Faith Estimate. Click here for our No Surprises Act Disclosure: Your Rights and Protections Against Surprise Medical Bills.

What is your attendance and cancellation policy?

Regular, consistent attendance is expected. Clients must maintain an 80% attendance record over the course of 10 speech therapy sessions. If a session needs to be cancelled due to illness or family circumstances, 24 hour notice is required. 

What happens if we miss a scheduled session?

Missed sessions are charged a 'no show' fee equivalent to half the cost of the scheduled session.

What happens if we are late to a scheduled session? 

Due to the nature of scheduling, Beautifully Said Speech Therapy is unable to accommodate late arrivals by extending service time beyond the length of the originally scheduled session. Please plan accordingly to arrive on time!

How will I be billed for services?

Payment is expected and appreciated at the time of service.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Cash, check or credit/debit card is accepted.

Where will services be provided?

Speech therapy services are provided in my home-based office in Riverton, Utah.

Is an evaluation required prior to services beginning?

In consultation with a parent and as determined on a case to case basis, if a child has had a speech/language evaluation within the last calendar year and the parent is able to provide a copy of that report with a clearly outlined plan of treatment, a formal evaluation with Beautifully Said Speech Therapy may not be necessary.

Do I need a referral? Where do I send a referral?

Beautifully Said Speech Therapy is a private pay practice. A referral from a pediatrician or specialist is not necessary.

Can I drop my child off and come back when the session is over?

Parents are encouraged to attend speech therapy sessions with their child. Parent input is critical in the selection of speech/language targets that are both meaningful and motivating for their child. Home practice is most effective when a parent observes therapy sessions and can then provide opportunities for practice at home as directed by the speech language pathologist. If a parent prefers not to be present during a session, it is required that the parent remain on premises while the child receives therapy. Parents may wait just outside the speech therapy room or in their car.

Can my child's siblings attend speech therapy sessions?

Parents are encouraged to make other arrangements for siblings so that the focus and attention is on the child receiving speech therapy services. 

What ages do you work with?

Beautifully Said Speech Therapy serves preschool through school age children.

How long will my child need therapy?

Length of therapy is often difficult to determine as many factors affect a child's rate of progress. This question can be addressed individually in discussion with the speech-language pathologist.

Can you work with my child if they receive speech therapy services at school?

Yes, children may receive speech therapy services from both a school-based and private practice speech-language pathologist.

My child didn't qualify for EI/school-based services, can you still work with them?

Eligibility for school-based services does not preclude receiving services from a private practice speech-language pathologist.

Will you collaborate with my child's other therapist?

Beautifully Said Speech Therapy is willing to collaborate with your child's school-based speech-language pathologist.

How often do we come to therapy?

Frequency of speech therapy services is determined based on the child's needs and on results/recommendations made following a comprehensive speech/language evaluation.

Do you offer free screenings?

If a child has not previously received speech therapy services, and a parent is uncertain whether an evaluation is warranted, a brief, in-person screening is offered. The results of the screening will be discussed with the parent and will guide the need for a comprehensive evaluation. The cost of the screening may be applied to the cost of the evaluation.

Kimberly custom backgrounds (2)_edited.jpg
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