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Speech therapy, language therapy, literacy therapy in Utah

Beautifully Said Speech Therapy provides compassionate, evidence-based therapy services for children with speech, language and literacy needs. We incorporate Principles of Motor Learning in the treatment of motor speech disorders and offer tailored, literacy-based interventions that align with the Wilson Reading System program.


Evaluation Process

Speech Evaluation in Riverton, UT

In order to learn about your child’s communication skills and speech therapy needs, we will begin with an initial evaluation. The evaluation process typically includes the following: a review of developmental history forms, a parent interview, standardized testing, qualitative measures, dynamic assessment and observations.


Once the evaluation is complete, we will meet, explain the results, provide or confirm a diagnosis and make recommendations. Together, we will create a speech therapy plan for your child that is meaningful and individualized to your child’s needs.

If your child has had a comprehensive speech/language evaluation within the last year, and you can provide a copy of that report, we may reference the established plan of care and begin speech therapy services without repeating an evaluation.

therapy approach

Speech therapy in Riverton, UT

Speech therapy is hard work! We make the work fun by incorporating your child’s interests! Our sessions are filled with games, crafts, motivating themes and play-based activities to ensure that repetitive practice is meaningful and relevant to your child. We encourage parents to attend each speech therapy session with their child. Parent input is so important when choosing target words, and home practice is more effective when parents observe each session. Our goal is to help you support your child at home!

Beautifully Said Speech Therapy is dedicated to using evidence-based methods to support each child’s needs. We use a motor-based approach to treat Childhood Apraxia of Speech and research-supported interventions to treat language-based learning disabilities such as dyslexia.

Speech Therapy 

Children with Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) know what they want to say but struggle to coordinate the movement of their articulators to speak. Our expertise in motor learning and advanced training in Dynamic Temporal and Tactile Cueing (DTTC) allow us to help children develop new motor plans for speech while engaging in play activities.


Through a combination of speech therapy and home practice, we will work together to help your child:


  • Make sounds correctly in syllables and words

  • Coordinate speech movements with greater accuracy

  • Say the words that they want to say

  • Confidently communicate with other children and adults 

  • Support speech/language development through the use of AAC if indicated

Childhood Apraxia of Speech Therapy in Utah
CAS therapy
Child in speech therapy at Beautifully Said Speech Therapy
Child in language therapy at Beautifully Said Speech Therapy in Utah

language Therapy 

Young children with a language delay or disorder may have difficulty learning new vocabulary, understanding directions, answering questions, recognizing relationships between words or using correct grammar when speaking. These skills are foundational for both social and academic success. Our themed sessions include literacy-based play activities to teach challenging new language skills.


Receptive and expressive language therapy may help your child:


  • Speak their first words or use new vocabulary 

  • Understand and answer questions clearly

  • Form grammatically correct sentences

  • Comprehend basic linguistic concepts

  • Understand relationships between words


Literacy Intervention

Research suggests that 50-75% of children with Childhood Apraxia of Speech struggle with reading. Because we know that young children diagnosed with a speech sound disorder are at risk for reading disorders, we can provide early intervention addressing the skills prerequisite for reading success namely phonological awareness. Phonological awareness is a child's ability to play with and manipulate sounds.


Intervention addressing phonological awareness may include some of the following prerequisite skills for reading success:


  • Recognize and produce words that rhyme

  • Identify syllables in words

  • Recognize the first, middle and last sounds in words

  • Manipulate sounds in words to make new words

Dyslexia therapy and reading therapy for kids in UT
Literacy intervention services for dyslexia in Riverton, UT
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